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Montana~Havana Bridge Project

This is an intercultural music project between musicians from Montana and Cuba. This is a growing band of musical brothers and sisters dedicated to creating and recording a new fusion of sounds we call Cubusa (Koa-boo-sa) Music.

The content of our music focuses primarily on building meaningful inter-cultural relationships and promoting alternative energy and lifestyle solutions to protect our earth.


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Though not a career professional musician,
Doug has been a student of Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms, performing in many bands
over the past 35 years.

After years studying in Cuba, tapping into the core of Santiago, Cuba’s music scene, Doug solicited the partnership of his music mentor, Jake Fleming, to form the core of this project along with Cuban guitarist, Aquiles Jorge.

Doug, Jake and Aquiles have been tapping into great talent in our respective communities and welcome more musicians
to join in on this unique opportunity to create and record music with outstanding Montana and Cuban musicians.


Doug Wales - Project Director